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Across the country, DNA testing is revealing the innocence of wrongfully convicted and imprisoned people.

TESTED: How Twelve Wrongly Imprisoned Men Held Onto Hope dramatically reveals how twelve of these men kept their hope, their faith, and their sanity. As authors Peyton Budd and Dorothy Budd interviewed the men, they discovered the secrets of what sustained each of them behind bars. These innocent men illuminate both the failures of the justice system and the resilience of the human spirit. Their surprising stories teach us that no matter how we are tested in our lives, it is never wrong to have hope.

Acclaimed photographer Deborah Luster's powerful images add to each man's personal story.

"When you get convicted for something you didn't do…
and you do time, it takes a bite out of you. The only thing
I ask is that you just look. Don't just look at the surface;
see if you can look in the heart."
— Billy Smith, exonerated in 2006
Wrongful Time Served: 19 years, 11 months


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